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About EV - Benefits

Benefits of using EV

Improve Roadside Air Quality

Pure Electric Vehicles are powered by batteries only and therefore emit zero roadside emissions. Even if taking into account the emission from power generation, carbon emissions from electric vehicles still less than gasoline vehicles. Extensive use of electric vehicles will improve road-side air quality in Hong Kong.

Remark: The above figures are for illustrative purpose only. Actual result might vary between different brands of vehicles.

Energy Efficient

In general, electric vehicles convert more than 80% of their input energy into useable power, compared to conventional gasoline vehicles which have efficiencies as low as 15-20%.
input energy


The high energy efficiency of electric vehicle means that it could dramatically reduces fuelling costs. For example, assuming that a private vehicle in Hong Kong runs about 40 to 60km a day, the electricity costs incurred for an electric vehicle is less than $11, which is cheaper by about 80% compared to a conventional vehicle.

Yuen Long
Tuen Mun
Yuen Long Tuen Mun 10 km$1.8
Tuen Mun Mong Kok 30 km $5.4
Kowloon Tong Tseung Kwan O 14 km $2.5
Remark: The approximate electricity charges were calculated based on CLP’s 2014 average net tariff rate.

Quiet and Smooth

Vibration and noise are drastically reduced with the use of electric vehicle. Since electric motors do not rely on a chemical combustion process, they produce almost no vibration and noise compared to a conventional combustion engine. Electric vehicle gives the driver and passenger a quieter and smoother ride compared with gasoline counterparts.

Government's Incentives

From the recent Policy Address and financial budget, the HKSAR Government already issue some policies and incentives to promote the use of electric vehicles in Hong Kong.
Exemption from First Registration Tax and Tax Incentives

Exemption from First Registration Tax

In its 2014 - 2015 budget speech, the Government announced that the exemption of the First Registration Tax on electric vehicles will be extended for another three years until 31 March 2017. 

Green Transportation Fund

Green Transportation Fund

To help improve roadside air quality and reduce carbon emissions, thereby helping to avert global climate change, the Government has set up a $300 million Pilot Green Transport Fund to support the testing of green and innovative technologies applicable to the public transport sector and goods vehicles in its 2010 - 2011 budget speech.

Enviroment-Friendly Busses

Environment-Friendly Buses

In its 2011 - 2012 budget speech, the Government proposed to earmark $180 million for franchised bus companies to purchase 36 electric buses for trial runs on a number of routes to assess their performance in different conditions.