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Dual-Mode Charger

Dual-Mode Charger

User Guide

The following is a step-by-step guide to show you how to use CLP dual-mode charger to charge up your electric vehicles at the designated locations.


*Applicable to following CLP charging stations: HK International Airport, Choi Yuen Plaza, Cheung Fat Plaza, Yau Lai Shopping Centre

How to charge

Illustration on the screen:

Charging System Symbol

Important Notice

The upper socket and lower socket cannot be used at the same time; the charging procedure cannot be activateds if the system detected plug in both sockets.
You must close the door of the Charging Socket in order to activate the charging.
Once the charging is activated, you must use the Octopus card to complete the whole charging process at Charging Kiosk. Otherwise, the door will remain locked and charging cord cannot be unplugged.
When the battery was fully charged up, the charging process will stop automatically. The screen will change to "charging completed" icon.



EV Charging System - Terms & Condition of Use