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How To Charge - Semi-quick

Semi-Quick Charging

User Guide

The following is a step-by-step guide to show you how to use CLP semi-quick charger to charge up your electric vehicles at the designated locations.


*Applicable to following CLP charging stations: Choi Tak Shopping Centre, Kwai Chung Estate​

How to charge

Important Notes

1 Only ONE charging socket may be used in each Charging Point at anytime.
1 Cable lock and all the doors MUST BE CLOSED before charging process begin to avoid any danger!
3 Once charging is in process, cable lock and door will be locked and the charging socket may NOT be accessible. Should you wish to disconnect the charging cord, please follow the “Stop Charging” procedures.

Emergency Stop

Press the [RED] “Emergency Stop” Button to terminate charging there is an emergency.



EV Charging System - Terms & Condition of Use