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How To Charge - Standard

Standard Charging

How to charge

Symbol meanings on EV Charging System

Charging System Symbol

Additional Charging Tips

1 When charging is completed, don’t forget to unplug the power cord and take it back to your car before driving the car away.

In case the plug is accidentally pulled out and disconnected from the charging port, the power supply will be cut off immediately. However, you can re-connect the plug into the charging port inlet, and use the same Octopus card to reactivate and continue the charging process.



EV Charging System - Terms & Condition of Use





Dual Mode Charger

User Guide

The following is a step-by-step guide to show you how to use CLP dual-mode charger to charge up your electric vehicles at the designated locations.

 *Applicable to following CLP charging stations: HK International Airport, Choi Yuen Plaza, Cheung Fat Plaza, Yau Lai Shopping Centre

Charging System Symbol