Power Your Love programme 2018

CLP will donate the value of electricity you save from a shareholders’ fund to offset against the electricity bills of the single and couple elderly*, the disabled#, families of those living in sub-divided flats^, and boarders in special schools+. Since the launch of the CLP Power Your Love programme in 2015, we have donated HK$6 million and helped 20,000 households in need every year.

* Elderly who are receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) or Ordinary/High-eleven Living Allowance.

# People with from moderate to severe level of disabilities who are also receiving social benefits "Social Security Assistance (CSSA)" or "Ordinary/High Disability Allowance".

^ Low-income persons who are inadequately housed (sub-divided units, squatter shacks, partitioned flats). Public housing does not qualify for this category.

+ Applicants of the Students Assistance Scheme

Beneficiaries must apply through District Councillors or Non-governmental Organizations

CLP has the right to modify the eligibility of the beneficiaries without any notice.

Non-Governmental Organisations