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CLP has a dedicated team to handle all enquiries regarding electricity supply to data centres. Please contact the team at the address below, or email your enquiries to [email protected].

7/F Sham Shui Po Centre,
No. 215 Fuk Wa Street,
Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CLP supply electricity to meet the standard for a Tier IV data centre?

The Uptime Institute Tier Standard and the Telecommunications Industry Association Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centres (TIA-942) Standard requires, amongst other factors, electricity to be supplied by dual feeds from different power sources to achieve the Tier IV standard. The Uptime Institute Data Centre Site Infrastructure Tier Standard does not require two power utility inputs to achieve the Tier IV standard. On the other hand, the TIA-942 Tier IV requirement for the Electrical 'Utility Entrance' is 'Dual Feeds from different utility substations'.

CLP’s network consists of three power stations in Hong Kong, two in the mainland China and is also interconnected with neighbouring power systems to provide mutual support during emergencies. In fact, there are a good number of high-tier data centres operating in Hong Kong, and more are being built. As they are served by two utility feeds from different CLP substations, they satisfy the TIA-942 Tier IV requirement.

What is the estimated lead time for the supply of electricity?

The supply lead time will depend on the data centre site and the amount of electricity required. CLP’s Account Management Team will provide an estimate on supply timeline within a few working days after receiving the above information.

In some cities, electricity supply can be connected to two power companies, but not in the case of Hong Kong. Are data centres in Hong Kong operated at a lower reliability level as far as the power supply is concerned?

No. The reliability of the electricity supply depends more on the robustness of the transmission and distribution networks than the number of power companies. CLP’s supply is supported by not only a ring-fed network arrangement but also by multiple generation sources, making our overall supply reliability truly world-class, which is over 99.999%.

What is the outage record of power supply in Kowloon / Hong Kong Island?

Over the years, CLP has consistently maintained an excellent track record. Our supply reliability is 99.999%, which is an indication of our system’s resilience against any unanticipated system events. This compares favorably with the reliability levels in other metropolitan cities such as New York and London.

How can network interconnectors enhance supply reliability to data centres?

CLP’s interconnection with neighbouring power networks enhances power security in its supply area through mutual agreements.

What is CLP’s electricity tariff in Hong Kong?

CLP’s customers enjoy one of the most reliable electricity supply services in the world, at a competitive price that compares favorably with other world-class cities like London, New York and Singapore. Please refer to CLP’s tariff table.

What is the energy cost of CLP to generate the energy to meet local electricity demand?

CLP uses nuclear electricity, and utilise coal, gas and oil as fuel to supply electricity for our customers. CLP pays for nuclear electricity as part of CLP's operating costs which are recovered through the basic tariff. The fuel used in our power stations is charged as fuel expenses and also recovered from customers in the basic tariff through a standard cost of fuel. However, as these costs vary over time, the total fuel costs can be higher or lower than the standard cost of fuel, so the balance will be charged or rebated to customers through a Fuel Cost Adjustment mechanism. More details are here.

Do you have a standard supply contract for data centres?

CLP provides a standard supply contract under which the same terms and conditions are offered to all customers. Please refer to details here.