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Power Supply Network

World-class Electricity Supply for World-class Businesses

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CLP maintains a high level of supply security achieved through a diversified portfolio of generation sources, with three power stations in Hong Kong and two in mainland China. These power plants are connected to Hong Kong through a meshed power grid built on separate transmission paths to ensure uninterrupted operation during contingencies.

Reliability You Can Count On. Customer-centric Service.


CLP maintains a world-class supply reliability of over 99.995%.

This level of reliability is achieved through CLP’s transmission and distribution network, which has a ring configuration to provide dual supply sources to customers. The transmission and distribution network covers approximate 13,900 substations and 14,500 km of high voltage power lines, with real-time monitoring and control provided by a fully-equipped System Control Centre through an advanced supervisory and control system.

Through the System Control Centre and professional field crews, CLP offers vigilant and responsive service around the clock to ensure an uninterrupted power supply at all times.

Besides maintaining a reliable network, CLP also provides dedicated account management with customer-centric commercial arrangements and electricity-related value-added services. We help formulate fast track and customised power supply schemes, as well as supply options such as standby arrangements for leading data centre consultants and developers like you.