With a team of professional staff including Account Managers, engineers and energy efficiency & conservation (EE&C) specialists, CLP has been providing EE&C services to both business and residential customers.

For Business Customers


1. EE&C Tools Offered by Account Managers

  • Smart Enterprise assists customers in controlling and monitoring electrical equipment and devices anytime, anywhere
  • Meter Online offers 9-day electricity consumption forecasts to customers for their effective electricity consumption management
  • Energy Billboard benchmarks and analyses electricity consumption of customers’ own business outlets or with that of their industry counterparts
  • Energy Modelling helps customer project accurate electricity consumption based on various design options. As a result, customer can optimise the energy efficiency of their projects

2. Installation and Retrofitting of Energy-efficient Equipment

Our Account Managers provide technical advice and professional support to customer on installing and retrofitting energy-efficient equipment, such as setting up electrified kitchens for the catering industry, heat pumps and electric chillers for hotels and hospitals, and solar panels for commercial complexes.

3. Turning Successful EE&C Cases into Eco Tours

Our Account Managers helped many customers implement successful EE&C solutions, e.g. helping a restaurant group save 30% of energy consumption by implementing full electric kitchen in 5 branches, and helping a non-profit making organisation improve energy efficient of an indoor heated swimming pool by installing new integrated photovoltaic and hot water system. We organise Eco Tours to these organisations regularly for other customers to experience the benefits of EE&C and renewable energy, which also help these organisations build a green image.

For Residential Customers


4. Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme

The FiT Scheme encourages the development of RE by allowing customers to connect RE systems to the grid and sell the electricity generated back to CLP Power at favourable rates.

5. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Residential and commercial customers who support clean energy will be able to buy RECs which represent electricity generated by local RE systems, providing a positive platform for RE development in the community.

6. New CLP Eco Building Fund

The existing CLP Eco Building Fund will be modified and further extended to cover residential, commercial and industrial buildings. • The funding will be increased to HK$100 million each year to carry out the energy efficiency improvement works of the communal areas of the buildings.

7. CLP Community Energy Saving Fund

The Fund will support CLP Power Connect Programme, the largest single energy efficiency and conservation campaign ever launched in Hong Kong to encourage residential customers to save energy while CLP Power will offer financial assistance to disadvantaged groups at the preference of the customers; and the disadvantaged, including sub-divided flat tenants by carrying out rewiring work for meter installation, and providing other assistances for the most needy tenants who may not have benefited from the rewiring programme.


8. EE&C Tools Designed by EE&C Specialists

  • Eco Power 360 is the first science-based behavioural energy management tool launched in Asia through home energy reports (both paper and email) and web portal services. This tool provides benchmarking information and analysis of electricity consumption to help customers save energy efficiently
  • Consumption Alerts reminds customers to be mindful of their electricity consumption when their bills have gone higher than that of previous year in two consecutive months
  • We leverage social media to promote EE&C to our customers. CLP Hong Kong App provides the innovative promotions and fun features, such as the interactive EE&C game, so as to engage younger generations to save energy and enable customers to share their EE&C achievement on Facebook


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