Technician Trainee Programme (Formerly known as “Apprentice Training Programme”)


When you start your career as a CLP Technician Trainee, you will have real responsibilities on important jobs. You will have the chance to play a role in the construction, operation and maintenance of our power generation and supply network, which provides electricity to our customers.

About the Programme

"Technician Trainee" Programme (Formerly known as “Apprentice Training Programme”)

In the three to four years Technician Trainee Programme, you will gain basic technical skills in mechanical, electrical installation, electrical fitting, cable jointing and overhead lines. After that, you will be assigned to one of our engineering departments where you will have the opportunity to gain a wealth of practical experience.

“Technician Trainee Priority Admission” Scheme (Formerly known as “Apprentice Priority Admission Scheme”)

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Our Technician Trainees’ stories

Many of them have progressed to senior engineering / technical positions in CLP. Some have also been granted the “Outstanding Apprentices Award” organised by the Vocational Training Council (VTC). Here are some of their stories.

"CLP broadens my horizons and enriches my life."

Yeung, Kin Man Jason
Training Officer
CLP Power Learning Institute

I joined the CLP family in August 2005. The company provided a three-year training to the fledgling apprentices like me. The programme had not only stimulated my curiosity and novelty, but also brought me many “first-time” experiences.

It was my first time to touch high voltage equipment, my first experience of climbing a 10-storey electric pylon and my first opportunity to gain knowledge of occupational safety! All these experiences have made my life colourful and exciting! I was fortunate enough to enter and win the Plate 1st Runner-Up for the Occupational Safety Quiz Competition. These memorable experiences also brought me the Outstanding Apprentices Award as well as a cultural exchange trip to Singapore with the other 9 outstanding apprentices across Hong Kong.

CLP broadens my horizons and enriches my life. No matter what you do, being attentive, active and hardworking is the path to success.

"Face the challenge and realise your full potential! We warmly invite you to join the CLP family!"

Chui, Man Ho
Engineer II
Power Systems Business Group / Engineering Projects

After completing the Basic Certificate for Technician Trainees in Electrical Engineering, I worked as Technician Trainee CLP. During my three-year in-service training, I gained the opportunity to work in different departments of the Power System Business Group, enabling me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations and prepared myself to adapt to my job. I am now an Engineer II working in Substation Construction Team of Engineering Projects Department. I am honoured to have won the Outstanding Apprentices Award. Outstanding employees should not only demonstrate positive learning attitude, but also develop good communication skills so as to enhance work efficiency and performance.


Technician Trainee (Electrical)

  • F.3 or above;


  • Studying one of following programmes in the training institutes managed under Vocational Training Council (VTC):
    • Year 1 of 3-year Diploma of Vocational Education in Electrical Engineering (Programme code FS113374); or
    • 1-year Diploma of Vocational Education in Electrical Engineering (Programme code FS113674); or
    • Year 1 of 3-year Diploma of Vocational Education in Electronic and Computer Engineering (Programme code FS113381); or
    • Year 1 of 3-year Diploma of Vocational Education in Building Services Engineering (Programme code FS113359);


  • Studying Certificate in Construction (Electrical Installation) organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC)

“Technician Trainee Priority Admission” Scheme

  • Currently studying S3 – S6; and
  • Successfully enrolled in the 3-year Diploma of Vocational Education in Electrical Engineering (Programme code FS113374A) organised by Kwai Chung Youth College of VTC in September 2020


"Technician Trainee" Programme

“Technician Trainee Priority Admission” Scheme

Only Chinese version is available. Click here to understand more.


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