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The CLP Internship Programme (CIP) was established in 1998 to build long-term partnerships with tertiary institutions, to identify and nurture new talents, and to attract students to join CLP when they graduate. This community investment takes the initiative to create a win-win-win situation that benefits the students, the universities and CLP.

The internship programme offers you full-time training during the summer vacation (SUM) or for a 12-month period (SAND). By completing the project, you are not only helping us to meet our business needs, but will gain valuable work experience and a great sense of achievement as well.

The internship programme typically covers a wide range of projects suitable for students studying in different disciplines in the university. Please click on the links below to see the details of the available projects with project objectives and deliverables.

Project Scopes

Our Intern's story

Lau, Bing Wang Logan

Acting Engineer I

Generation Business Group

Participating in CLP Internship Programme (CIP) was definitely the most memorable year when I was an undergraduate. I am pleased to share my internship experience during my sandwich year in 2009.

During the year, I was able to increase my knowledge on power generation process. Instead of reading books and attending lectures, I was introduced to enormous equipment in the power plant, like boilers, generators and turbines, which increased my enthusiasm and passion in engineering.

Besides the sightseeing, I was also given an opportunity to assist engineers in their daily works and projects. By participating in different challenging tasks, my communication skills and problem-solving skills were further polished. My mentor also provided me with clear guidance and support when I faced difficulties.

After the completion of the fruitful year, I had a deeper understanding in electricity utility, and was reassured of my aspiration in engineering. I made up my mind to apply for the CLP graduate trainee (GT) programme after graduation. I am grateful for the opportunity given during my CIP and I believe that you will have a rewarding year here too.

Leung, Chun Sing

Engineer II

Power Systems Business Group

I joined CLP as a summer intern in 2010. I was glad to be one of the members of the CLP family. I absolutely consider CIP as a precious training opportunity, which has directed me to where I want and need to develop.

CIP not only gave me a taste of CLP culture, but also equipped me with project handling, problem solving and interpersonal skills. CIP provides university students with an insight into the real working world. It's a great opportunity to see how to apply the theories and models we've learned in lectures to a real-life work setting. I was able to work with professional and distinguished engineers, and was challenged in ways I could not imagine, but colleagues were always there to help me accomplish my task. It truly reflects one of the CLP core values: Cares for people.

My time at CIP deepened my knowledge in various power distribution network operation as well as engineering projects management techniques. In addition to those technical learning, it was also interesting to learn how CLP exercises customer excellence by taking care of and fulfilling customers' needs. Furthermore, through joining various company activities, my communication and social networking skills were much strengthened.

Mentorship is another key success in CIP. Patient guidance and encouragement from my mentor aroused my passion to work on the assigned project. I learnt and was inspired by him on how to put my mind-set into a real engineer.

I joined the CLP family again after my graduation, and now I am an Engineer in Distribution Network Planning & Design. I have never expected to learn so much within the treasurable CIP period, and I am sure such learning and experience are really useful for my future career. Finally, I hope this experience would give you a better idea of what a career in CLP is actually like.

Don't miss the chance to join CIP and I am looking forward to seeing you in the coming summer!

Cheng, Cindy Tsz Kwai

Strategic Planner

Planning & Development Group

"The work is challenging, but it is also a rewarding experience that gives you a great sense of achievement."

In college, I was fascinated by renewable energy study, and devoted myself into the development and technology. Fortunately, CIP granted me an invaluable opportunity to implement my desire.

During my CLP Internship period, I was delegated to build a renewable energy system at regional depots. The project was full of challenges in respect of identifying the most cost effective and efficient facility amongst various options in a short project timeline. I treasured that the project is not only beneficial to the region cost saving in light but provides an opportunity to turn my engineering knowledge into practice as well as sharpen my communication skill, impact management, teamwork and project management as a wholThe internship project was not only confined me in hard-core of on job training aspect. It also inspired me a lot. I was privileged to participate in various eye-opening activities ranging from business seminars and meetings, to leisure activities such as sports competitions and community service work. Winning the Engineering Studies Award, I successfully continued my "membership" in this family through the Graduate Trainee Programme upon graduation and I am currently a Strategic Planner in Planning & Development Group.

Being an intern truly is a milestone and important footstep to confirm my passion and develop my career in the engineering profession. The harmonious and pragmatic culture provided me a platform to gear up and excel in a real work setting through gradual immersion. After 2+2 years (yet at the same time, so quick) long in CLP studying, I feel oh-so-proud walking across that stage today knowing that I have done VERY, VERY well (Personal feeling) because of my excellent mentors and colleagues. I have to lay gratitude heartily to who stood along my rewarding training program for last four years, and made my life full of wonders and never be the same.

Thank you for seeing me when I had questions. I still remember my first question to you was on career development. You then shared your own experience and provided me with some professional and invaluable advices. Besides that, your expertise in management has offered me a wider perspective to view and analyse problems. Once again, thank you so much to my supervisor Mr. K.C. Ng for all the support over the past years. I hope that you will continue to give me full support in my future life.


  • A valid permit to work in Hong Kong SAR
  • A bachelor or advanced degree studentship continuing a full-time university degree course after the internship
  • Good academic results with a GPA of 3.0 or above, or equivalent
  • University endorsement that the internship programme is a part of the curriculum
  • Good communication skills. High proficiency in both written and spoken English. Fluent spoken and written Chinese would be advantageous
  • Active in extracurricular activities is a plus
  • To be a good team player
  • Available full-time during the internship period

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  • 3 January 2017


  • 28 February 2017

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  • May - June 2017

Internship period

  • June - August 2017 (for Summer Interns)
  • One year starting from June/July 2017 (for Sandwich Interns)

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