About the Programme

In CLP, we value young talent. We believe that graduates bring their own diverse background and perspective which can, not only add value to our organization, but which we can also help to nurture and grow. Through our IT Trainee Programme, trainees can:

Our IT Trainee Programme offers graduates with a passion for technology the perfect platform for a long-term career in IT services. Trainees will gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience through rotations and attachments across our key focus areas and business functions such as Mobility, Advanced Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Applications, Cloud and Infrastructure. Trainees would also be a part of our journey in embracing modern approaches such as Agile, Scrum, and DevOps.

At the end of the program, trainees will also take a project manager role to run a full-fledged project involving project planning and budgeting, stakeholders and vendors management, and managing an entire implementation to deliver product or service of the highest quality.


Through the rotations across different teams, trainees will gain a great deal of technical skills through training courses, coaching from experienced technical staff, and also gain experience through project execution.

In addition to the technical skills, we strongly believe the value of developing knowledge of the business and developing business analysis, communication, stakeholder engagement and project management skills. There will be an emphasis on developing these areas through a combination of classroom training and through project experience.


Besides the great opportunities to learn from peers, trainees will be assigned a mentor from our most senior leaders within IT Group who have 15+ years of experience in the IT industry to help provide feedback and support across the career journey.

In addition, within each team a trainee will have a rotation in, a peer-level dedicated buddy will be assigned to help provide day-to-day support and guidance.

Career Progression

Successful completion of the Programme will lead to an appointment in one of IT Group’s focus areas where initial placement team will be based on a combination of preferences from trainee, skill-sets, and current demand.

CLP IT Group provides numerous opportunities to our staff to develop and grow into a respected IT professional in Hong Kong.

IT Trainee Sharing

Throughout the 4 x 6-month rotations, I have gained exposure to different IT areas - data analytics, infrastructure, enterprise architecture, solution design, project delivery, etc. While we initiate IT projects to tackle business problems, often times we work closely with other business units and identify how IT can deliver value-adding services to our business.

I am blessed to have my supervisors' support when I took up a project manager role in one of the many projects I have taken part in. Managing a project could be challenging, especially when it involves different internal and external stakeholders, but it is very rewarding when the project was successfully completed. In this project, I experienced preparing the project plan, managing the budget, coordinating teammates and vendors, designing and implementing the solution, and much more. CLP ITG truly gives us the trainees opportunities and freedom to pursue what we consider best for our career development.

This IT Trainee programme is relatively new, but it is quickly evolving after we provided our feedback to supervisors in regular meetups. I am grateful to see many of the suggestions we have given in the programme are being taken to improve the programme itself, and I believe it will keep becoming better and better.

The IT Trainee Programme has been a fruitful programme for me personally. In this programme, I was able to grow professionally through being involved in a variety of project across 4 departments and being able to receive feedback directly from IT colleagues and managers. The projects range from implementing new services, to upgrading existing services, study and research, as well as implementing new frameworks that would result in positive behavioural influences in the company.

After going through this programme, I realised that working in the IT industry is really not about embracing the latest technology available out there but really understanding the business value and the drivers behind the decision we make. There are times when my colleagues and I would just take the time to sit down and look at the the project to remind ourselves the goals we aim to achieve. Delivering a project that has real business driver and quality benefits should be the priority and CLP IT Group embraces that.

Even though this is a trainee programme, there were a lot of challenges that needed to be faced. Fortunately, due to the conducive working environment in CLP, it is possible to ask for help from the colleagues around us. It is key to have a can-do attitude and believe that there are workarounds to a difficult situation. CLP has been a good learning environment that allows its IT Trainees to be exposed to different level of challenges, that if faced, are rewarding most times.

About IT Group

IT Group aims to be a vital business partner, providing information technology that adds value to CLP Group to achieve utility industry leadership.

IT Group provides innovative customer-oriented solutions and strives to grow the existing expertise and capabilities to add values to customers. In addition, IT Group optimizes the management use of external service providers and suppliers. IT Group also provides a stimulating environment to empower and develop its staff. 

IT Group values:

  • Customers first
  • Respect and fair treatment of each individual
  • Open and honest dialogues
  • Environment that supports teamwork and innovation
  • Clear accountability that leads to action


  • CLP IT Group awarded as pioneer Company on Green ICT Practices by HK Green ICT Consortium
  • CLP has won the Hong Kong ICT Awards - Best Innovation and Research Award
  • CLP has won the outstanding IT project on Renewables Portfolio Management System


  • Final year university students or recent university graduates with a passion to work on modern and innovative technologies
  • Demonstrate results and a genuine interest for a professional IT career
  • Experienced in managing project, event or committee (university/extra-curricular activities) that resulted in a change
  • A team player with good communication, problem solving skills and leadership potential
  • Analytical, innovative, proactive, self-motivated and adaptable


***Deadline Extended***

Please download the CLP IT Trainee Programme Application Form, complete and follow the instructions to submit no later than 7 June 2019

In case of any queries, please reach out to [email protected].


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