Training & Development Opportunities

We invest continually in training and development to support professional growth of our employees. To illustrate our commitment to developing our workforce, in 2015 CLP staff spent an average of 55.1 hours per employee on training assignments.

Our well-structured Trainees and Apprentices Programmes transform young talented graduates to seasoned technical experts. With a firm technical foundation and practical business experience, many have gone on to achieve senior managerial positions at CLP.

We actively encourage job rotation and special assignments. In some cases, this may involve international relocation and placements to develop high-potential staff and facilitate the transfer of key skills across the Group. In addition to the various training and development opportunities, we also sponsor staff to pursue academic advancement through the Company Support Education Policy.

Chief Operating Officer - CLP Power - Chiang Tung Keung

Chiang Tung Keung

Chief Operating Officer – CLP Power

I started my career in CLP as a Graduate Trainee in the 1980s. After training, I worked on network business focusing on transmission and distribution project design and planning, network planning and power quality.

In 2002, I was transferred to Corporate Planning and actively involved in the Scheme of Control (SoC) 2003 Interim Review and 2008 negotiation. While the challenges were huge, I also gained significant exposure to intensive economic and financial studies, as well as tough negotiation with the Government and business partner. In 2008, I returned to the network business and took up managerial roles in operation for four years before I was appointed as Deputy Director (Corporate Strategy). In Quarter 4 of 2012, I took up the position of Planning and Development Director, and was responsible for 2013 Tariff negotiation as well as 2014 Development Plan Review with the Government. Prior to my current appointment as Chief Operating Officer of CLP Power, I was the Director of Generation.

Throughout my career, changing job is not new to me. While I needed to face various challenges whenever I started in a new field, I must say that the effort I expended was always more than paid off by the knowledge and skills I learnt, the new people I met, the experience I gained and the achievements I made.

The training provided by CLP is all-round. In the early stages, my training focused on technical knowledge and skills. As I took up more and more supervisory and management responsibilities, the focus shifted to cover more management and commercial areas.

Being a CLP employee is something I am very proud of as CLP is not only a responsible employer but also a socially responsible corporation.

Senior Planning Development Manager - Leung Mandy Man Yee

Leung, Mandy Man Yee

Senior Planning Development Manager

Before I was promoted to my current position as Senior Planning Development Manager in 2013, I have taken up different roles within the Company.

As one of the effective ways to prepare future leaders to meet complex challenges facing CLP, the Company provides opportunities for employees to participate in different kinds of management and leadership development programmes. I joined the Accelerating Management Talent Program (AMT) conducted by the Richard Ivey Business School in 2011. This 9-month programme is intensive. Not only work-related knowledge such as strategic analysis and leadership skills, etc. that I have gained from the programme, it also offered me an opportunity to discuss issues of common interest with class members from other workplaces. The knowledge and skills that I have learnt from the programme are very useful to my career development.

Engineering disciplines are less attractive to female students but I am glad to see more and more female engineering graduates over the previous years. I have been partnering with the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers to actively promote more females to join the engineering profession. I am eager to share my professional knowledge and experience with our young talents. The Company is also highly supportive of my involvement.

Planning & Cost Control Manager - Leung Wai Fung

Leung Wai Fung

Planning & Cost Control Manager

I look after the project planning and cost control in the Fangchenggang Phase II Project. Riding on the success of the first two 600MW coal fire units, the phase II project builds 2x660MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired units.

I joined CLP in the 90's as a trainee and then took up different roles within CLP as an engineer and manager in multi-disciplines including Maintenance, Project Management, Engineering, IT and Asset Management. I have been working in various technical and strategic departments in CLP. I also have opportunities to work in several CLP China & oversea assets, including coal and gas generating units to appreciate different generation business models. I was also seconded to Energy Australia for one year where I worked in the Portfolio Management team to experience energy trading and market analysis.

CLP provides me the excellent opportunities for growth and to manage change. The horizon is not limited to engineering. Exposure level is often regional, allowing me to build up to an international horizon. I was trained to be adaptable and flexible as well as to safeguard the high level of integrity at CLP.


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