CLP Power Connect Promotes a Caring Community and Supports Social Enterprises

​CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) launched the CLP Power Connect programme in January, encouraging residential customers to save energy year-round and help the underprivileged, with each eligible beneficiary households receiving HK$500 electricity subsidy. In three months' time, about 100,000 residential customers have signed up the programme. To further promote a caring community, Power Connect participants may earn CLP Eco Points for redeeming fabulous prizes under a new activity "Support Social Enterprises to Earn Eco Points".

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CLP Smart Elderly Home Experience Day Showcases Green
Technology to Improve Energy Efficiency of Elderly Homes

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) held a Smart Elderly Home Experience Day today in an initiative to address the city’s ageing population and increasing demand for elderly services. The event featured different innovative smart technology and energy saving solutions, and provided a valuable platform for partnerships between the elderly services sector and product providers, aiming to promote energy efficiency and build an age-friendly smart city.

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CLP and OSEG Partner on Energy Investments in Israel

CLP Innovation Ventures (Israel) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited (CLP), and Other Sources Energy Group Limited (OSEG) are pleased to announce the formation of a joint venture to explore investment opportunities in next-generation energy technologies and innovations in Israel as the two companies look to empower the low-carbon transition for energy users.

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Solid Results Driven by Robust Overseas Performance and Reliable Hong Kong Business

​CLP Holdings Limited (CLP) is pleased to announce solid annual results for 2018. The Group’s operating earnings for the year increased 5.1% to HK$13,982 million. Total earnings decreased by 4.9% to HK$13,550 million, largely due to favourable one-off items in 2017. These figures reflected the combination of continued robust performance in our overseas businesses and dependable earnings from our Hong Kong base. They also allowed the Board to approve a fourth interim dividend of HK$1.19 a share. Total dividends per share for 2018 are HK$3.02, a 3.8% increase from 2017.

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First Household Benefits under CLP’s Power Connect Programme
to Subsidise Rewiring Work for Subdivided Units

​CLP Power Hong Kong (CLP Power) yesterday (31 January) completed work on the first project under its new Power Connect programme which provides subsidies to landlords of subdivided units to do rewiring work for the installation of individual electricity meters. The programme allocates HK$5 million a year for this purpose to improve the home safety and living environment of underprivileged people living in subdivided units. The Power Connect programme began in January this year with the aim of encouraging energy saving and promoting community care.

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CLP Holdings Limited Announces Continuing Connected Transactions

​CLP Holdings Limited today announced a number of continuing connected transactions between the CSG Group and the CLP Group in accordance with the Listing Rules. These transactions were entered into in the ordinary and usual course of business of the CLP Group. Please refer to our announcement to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong for details.

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