Penny's Bay Power Station is a support facility in CLP's generating system. Located in the eastern part of Lantau Island, the station has three simple cycle gas turbines that run on ultra low-sulphur diesel and can be started in just twelve minutes. This rapid-response mechanism is available as a backup in the possible (although unlikely) event of interruptions or setbacks on CLP’s system, or to meet short-duration peak demands.

Penny’s Bay is connected to the local 132kV transmission network on Lantau Island and then to CLP’s main grid, through a submarine cable extending to the New Territories.



  • Penny's Bay Power Station


  • Lantau Island, Hong Kong


  • Castle Peak Power Company, Limited

Equity Interest

  • CLP Power Hong Kong Limited – 70%
  • China Southern Power Grid International (HK) Co., Limited - 30%

Generation Type

  • Ultra-low sulphur diesel

Gross Capacity

  • 300MW (3 x 100MW)

CLP Equity Capacity

  • 210MW

Year of Commissioning

  • 1992


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