As one of the leading power companies in Asia Pacific, CLP continues to explore new technologies to continuously make the grid ‘smarter’, so CLP can deliver new and improved services to our customers, and to meet energy challenge in an economic, sustainable and socially responsible way from one generation to the next.

By integrating information and communication technologies into the grid, CLP is able to provide more energy options and choices for consumers, to help them save energy and better reflect the costs of supply, not only making the grid more reliable, but also increasing the efficiency and safety of the energy supply chain.


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, smart meters, the foundation for smarter grids and smarter cities can also help accommodate distributed renewable energy and electric vehicles within the grid and open up new opportunities for demand-side management.

CLP established the Smart Grid Experience Centre in 2011, to educate and showcase the features and benefits of smart grid together with the latest smart grid-specific technologies to our stakeholders. Please click here for further information.


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