Here WEEE Go was organised with St. James’ Settlement (SJS) from 2010 to 2013. CLP deployed its volunteer team with extensive corporate customer network to collect waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) for repair and redistribution to the underprivileged. More than 2,500 appliances and 10,000 transformers have been collected since launch.


In 2013, CLP engaged young design students from Hong Kong Design Institute to participate in a series of art workshops, using their creativity to make works of art from recycled materials. A series of household items and accessories were displayed in a WEEE’s Home to promote waste recycling.


In 2012, CLP, SJS and Discovery Park Shopping Centre jointly created the city’s first Transformer Maze from around 10,000 disused transformers and power adaptors collected from the public and other channels.


In 2011, CLP commissioned students of the CO1 School of Visual Arts to create more than 40 WEEE Robot Ambassadors constructed entirely from parts of discarded appliances to spread the message and appealed for WEEE donations through electricity bills sent out to more than two million residential customers.


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