Helping families in need is a key part of CLP ’s mission in the community. One of the major initiatives funded by shareholders in 2014 was the CLP Subsidy Programme for Energy Efficient Electrical Appliances.

The HK$10 million programme was created to help underprivileged households save energy, cut down on electricity expenditure, enhance home safety, and improve standards of living by providing a set of four energy efficient electrical appliances – an induction cooking set with a pan and a kettle, an electric fan, a rice cooker and an LED light bulb.

With the support of more than 300 district councillors from 14 districts and 13 non-government organisations, around 4,000 households in CLP ’s supply area benefitted from this initiative. They included low-income families, residents of subdivided flats, single elderly people, single-parent families, and people classified as multiple have-nots. CLP volunteers also made visits to the homes of recipients and shared energy saving and safety tips with them.

The programme follows in the footsteps of the late CLP Chairman Lord Kadoorie, who gave out electrical appliances to residents of Green Island (Tap Mun) in 1978, the year a power supply was first established to the remote island community.


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