CLP Retail and Catering Coupons Programme

Hong Kong's economy has been hit by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, and people at all levels of society have been affected. To encourage consumer spending and support disadvantaged people, CLP has dedicated a budget of more than HK$80 million to launch a new CLP Retail and Catering Coupons programme for six months. Starting from 1 January 2021, a total worth of HK$100 coupons will be given to each of the nearly 800,000 households to relieve their financial burden and boost the economy.

Supporting Residential Customers and Disadvantaged People

1. Who are eligible for the coupons?

  • The programme benefits nearly 800,000 households, including residential customers with low electricity consumption*, elderly customers who are eligible for CLP’s concessionary tariff, and 10,000 tenants of subdivided units^.
  • *Low electricity consumption refers to an average electricity consumption in 2019 (bi-monthly bill, six bills all inclusive) of lower than 500kWh
  • ^ Tenants of subdivided units must be nominated by CLP’s community partners who take part in the programme.

2. How will eligible customers be notified and get their coupons?

  • Starting from January 2021, coupons worth a total of HK$100 (two HK$50 coupons) will be sent to eligible customers by post together with their first electricity bills of 2021. For customers using eBills, coupons will be sent separately by post.
  • All eligible customers should receive their coupons by the end of February 2021.
  • CLP will provide coupons to tenants of subdivided units through its community partners.

3. Use of the coupons

  • Beneficiaries can use the coupons in all participating retail and catering outlets, including restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, electrical appliance stores, pharmacies, laundry shops, hair salons, and social enterprise retail shops.

4. Validity of the coupons

  • The coupons are valid for six months and can be used in participating retail and catering outlets on or before 30 June 2021.

Thank You to Our Business Partners for Support

This programme aims to encourage customers to spend and support various retail and catering outlets, driving consumer spending and boosting the economy. Thank you to all participating shops and restaurants. Online registration for merchants is now closed.


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