How much do you know about engineering?

Do you know how crucial it is for Hong Kong to have a reliable supply of power? Knowledge1

Over 50% of the population live or work on or above the 15th floor and more than 60,000 lifts are in use every day. Our airport, railway and banking networks also require a reliable power supply. This is made possible by the dedication of engineers behind the scene, who help make Hong Kong Asia’s World City.

How many substations does CLP have across Hong Kong? Do engineers work around the clock in each substation?

CLP manages over 13,900 substations, and most of them are interconnected for real-time control. Engineers do not have to stay at the substations, as they mostly work on shifts to man the control room instead, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, maintaining the reliability of power supply.

High-voltage cables look thicker than the ones we normally use at home. What’s inside them?

High-voltage cables are usually made of highly conductive copper wires coupled with semi-conductors and insulators. Their various forms such as underground cables, submarine cables and overhead cables are commonly used for effective and safe power transfer over long distances.

What does it mean when an engineer says 'to go undercover'?

'To go undercover' refers to the laying of underground cables.

Sometimes, engineers refer to their workplace as a 'cattle farm'. Can you guess why?

When engineers say 'cattle', they actually mean a large power transformer. Accordingly, a substation equipped with power transformers is dubbed a 'cattle farm'. A major function of a substation is to ensure stable power transmission from network to other buildings.

If 'Dr' stands for 'Doctor', then what is the short form for 'Engineer'? And can you name 5 types of engineers?

The short form of 'Engineer' is 'Ir'. Among the different types of engineers are electrical engineers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, computer science engineers and chemical engineers.

Can you name some inventions by engineers which have improved the world significantly?

Some inventions by engineers that have shaped modern life are: the spaceship, the world’s first Internet search engine, the electric motor, the ski board and the boomerang.


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