Advanced Eco Charge 2.0 to Provide a One-stop EV Technical Support Service

Advanced Eco Charge 2.0 to Provide a One-stop EV Technical Support Service


To combat global warming and air pollution, CLP Power (CLP) is committed to promoting green transportation and green vehicles in Hong Kong through education and collaboration with the government, industry and community. To facilitate the development of e-mobility in Hong Kong, CLP will continue to support electric vehicle (EV) by providing a highly reliable power supply to enable electric car charging networks in carparks.

In support of the Government’s newly launched EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (EHSS), CLP Power is introducing an advanced service called Eco Charge 2.0 which will provide a one-stop technical support to the applicants. The service includes

  • Free preliminary assessment of the power supply capacity with a written assessment report to support Incorporated Owners and Estates Management Office in applying EHSS
  • Technical advices regarding the power upgrading work for meeting CLP Power’s requirements
  • Technical advices on meter installation

EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (EHSS)

In October 2020, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) launched EHSS to promote the installation of EV charging-enabling infrastructure ( in the carparks of existing private residential buildings. For details on the scheme and application procedures, please visit the EPD’s website:

Application for a Preliminary Assessment of Power Supply Capacity for EHSS

According to the EPD’s requirements, prior to submitting an EHSS application, applicants are required to seek written advice from the power companies for a preliminary assessment of power supply capacity for EVCEI for all eligible parking spaces, which must be included in the application.

If you need a preliminary assessment of power supply capacity to support your EHSS application, please complete the Supply Capacity Preliminary Assessment Request Form (download link) and provide the following documents for the parking spaces in question:

  1. Schematic diagram(s) of the existing power supply arrangements for parking spaces;
  2. Building layout plan for the carpark, parking spaces and locations of EV chargers; and
  3. Location(s) of existing meter room(s), if any, for the provision of power to the parking spaces.

Contact Us

The Request Form and relevant documents should be submitted to CLP by email to: [email protected]. Upon receiving your full submission, CLP’s engineering staff will conduct a power supply capacity assessment and you will be notified of preliminary assessment results in writing.

Technical Guidelines

The following guidelines will help facilitate the planning and design of your EV charging facilities. You or your assigned contractor / engineering consultant are advised to read them and ensure your systems meet all requirements:

  • Supply Rules
    (CLP’s Supply Rules and other terms and conditions for customers)

Contact Us

For any enquiry, please contact us at

Please click here for the press release.

Frequently Asked Questions about EHSS

If you have further questions, please click here to check out the answers.

To download the PDF file of CLP's Eco Charge 2.0 leaflet, please click here.

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