Fuel Mix

Our Fuel Mix Strategy in Hong Kong

A diversified fuel mix is crucial for energy security and helps us to maintain a balance between meeting emissions caps requirements and mitigating energy cost pressure. We continue to optimise our diversified fuel mix which consists mainly of coal, nuclear and natural gas.

Energy Costs

Monthly Energy Costs Breakdown (Local Sales) - August 2021

Electricity Sent Out and Energy Cost


Total may not be the exact sum of numbers shown here due to rounding

Others include oil, interconnection, energy from waste and electricity generated under Feed-in Tariff Scheme

Energy cost of the generation to meet local electricity demand

We use nuclear electricity, and utilise coal, gas and oil as fuel to supply electricity for our customers to use. We pay for nuclear electricity as part of CLP Power's operating costs which are recovered through the basic tariff. Fuel used in our power stations is charged as fuel expenses and also recovered from customers in the basic tariff through a standard cost of fuel. However, as these costs will vary over time, the total fuel costs may be higher (or lower) than the standard cost of fuel, so the balance will be charged (or rebated) to customers through the Fuel Cost Adjustment mechanism.


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