CLP Renewable Energy Label Scheme

The CLP Renewable Energy Label Scheme recognises businesses and organisations who support the development of renewable energy in Hong Kong by buying CLP Renewable Energy Certificates (REC). Renewable Energy Labels are granted to participants on an annual basis, covering the period from 1 January to 31 December of the participating year. Participants are entitled to use the label on their premises, shops and promotional materials.

Three key benefits of participation:

  • Fulfil social responsibility and build positive corporate image
  • Enhance brand exposure: A list of Renewable Energy Label partners will be regularly updated on the scheme’s webpage. And participants are invited to join the promotional activities
  • Contribute to building a sustainable and greener Hong Kong city


All CLP business customers including, Non-Residential Tariff, Bulk Tariff or Large Power Tariff accounts are eligible to join the scheme.

Labelling Criteria

Renewable Energy Labels will be granted to eligible business customers who purchase a minimum of 1,000 REC units in a scheme year. The accumulated quantity from multiple orders within a scheme year will also be accepted.

The Renewable Energy Label shows the customer’s participating scheme year. New labels will be provided for customers who participate in the following scheme year.


Renewable Energy Label

Scheme Year


Validity Period

1 January to 31 December 2021

Special Recognitions & Awards

Customers who make an outstanding contribution will be nominated to receive awards or certificates of appreciation in the annual Smart Energy Award ceremony to recognise supporting businesses and organisations.

Recognition Criteria (REC Purchasing Quantity)


Appreciation Token

Renewable Energy Contribution Award

Corporate/Government Bodies Category

30,000 – 199,999 units

≥200,000 units

SME/NGO/Education Institute Category

10,000 – 24,999 units

≥25,000 units

Remarks: The above recognition criteria are based on the Smart Energy Award 2020 scheme. Detailed criteria and requirements are subject to the award programme.


Eligible customers can apply online. CLP will also invite eligible customers to join the scheme.

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