CLP customers are welcome to buy our newly launched Renewable Energy Certificates# to support the local renewable energy generation. Each unit of electricity carried in a Renewable Energy Certificate represents the electricity produced by local renewable energy sources including solar power, wind power and landfill gas projects, generated or purchased (such as through Feed-in Tariff Scheme) by CLP Power. The Renewable Energy Certificates are introduced to offer an alternative way for our customers to take part in local renewable energy development.

# Please click here to view the CLP Renewable Energy Certificate (CLP REC) Specification


If you purchase a Renewable Energy Certificate, it represents you are supporting local renewable energy development by purchasing electricity generated from local RE sources. Businesses may purchase the certificates to fulfill corporate social responsibility commitments.

A digital Renewable Energy Certificate will be issued with the following details : 

  • Name of registered customer
  • Amount of renewable electricity purchased
  • A unique reference number on each certificate 
  • Issue date


All CLP customers


The unit price of renewable electricity represented in the Renewable Energy Certificate will be based on the prevailing price published in CLP website at the time of purchase or as announced by CLP from time to time. The current pricing for a unit of RE electricity is HK$0.5, and is available for purchase at a minimum of 100 units.

CLP offers a variety of purchasing options for business customers. You might contact our Account Managers for details.

Purchase Channels

* Post-dated cheque will not be accepted. 

The downloadable form should be completed and submitted to CLP:

by Post

CLP Customer Experience Support/Credit & Revenue Collection Section

7/F Shamshuipo Centre, 215 Fuk Wa Street, Kowloon

In Person

Any CLP Customer Service Centre (office hours & address)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to view the frequently asked questions. 

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