We have been using coal, natural gas and nuclear power to meet Hong Kong’s demand for electricity. This fuel diversification strategy has enabled us to provide electricity in a reliable and environmentally - responsible manner. Looking ahead, we intend to use more natural gas for power generation and are exploring the possibility of importing more nuclear power into the territory. Increased usage of these fuel sources will allow us to be less reliant on carbon-emitting coal and contribute to a greener Hong Kong.

As supplies of cleaner natural gas and nuclear energy increase in the future, we will be able to reduce coal-based generation, using it mainly to meet demand fluctuations and as a back-up to ensure supply reliability in case of interruptions arising from the electricity transmission network in South China. Maintaining a certain level of coal-burning capability within our system is also important for reducing our exposure to gas or other energy supply interruptions or volatility.

To help minimise emissions, Emissions Control facilities retrofitted in four larger units of the coal-fired Castle Peak Power Plant have been in full operation since 2011. Together with ongoing control measures undertaken, air emissions have been substantially reduced, making Castle Peak Power Station one of the cleanest coal-fired power plants in the world. We shall continue to explore opportunities in optimising our emissions performance as new technologies become commercially available.

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