Energy conservation plays an important role in the collective effort against climate change. Recognising its importance, CLP has been raising awareness about the importance of using energy wisely through offering energy efficiency-related services and educating the public.

Energy Service

Energy service

We have worked hard to encourage our customers and Hong Kong communities as a whole to change their energy consumption behaviour, so that by adopting new technologies on energy efficiency, they can save more energy - a great practice for a better environment. We have taken a four-step approach: educating the public; providing customers with information and energy-saving tips; equipping customers with tools and technical support; and helping with enablers to achieve greater energy efficiency.

A joint venture company CGN CLP Energy Services (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. was established in 2011, in addition to the establishment of CLP Energy Services & Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. in 2008 - the initial provision of energy-saving services to the Pearl River Delta (PRD), so that we can advise a wider range of companies in Guangdong on cleaner production and better energy efficiency. Many of these organisations we work with to enhance their environmental performance have strong connections with Hong Kong, such as hotels, office buildings and factories.

Electric Vehicle

CLP is committed to promoting clean transportation in Hong Kong through education and working with the government and local communities.

In addition to using electric vehicles (EV) to our corporate fleet, we are building a comprehensive network of easily accessible charging stations to stimulate the uptake of EVs in Hong Kong. CLP has been working with the government and businesses to set up a number of standard, semi-quick and quick EV charging stations in places throughout Kowloon, the New Territories and Lantau Island. We have also created a website dedicated to EV to help users identify the locations of the charging stations and to demonstrate the ease of using the EV charging facilities.

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Community Education

We will continue to promote the benefits of energy efficiency through various educational activities and energy efficiency centres:


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