Our Environmental Policy is well defined and supported by the highest level of the management team. The policy demonstrates CLP’s commitment to sustainable development and responsible environmental stewardship. We are committed to:

  •  Comply fully with all applicable environmental laws and regulations;
  • Ensure that all key environmental impacts are identified and managed in a responsible manner;
  • Use all resources, including fuel, water and other natural resources efficiently and conservatively;
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance;
  • Monitor and report the environmental performance of our business;
  • Provide training and resources necessary to meet our environmental responsibilities;
  • Share our knowledge of environmental issues and management practices with others in our industry and our community;
  • Support the development of effective government policy to address environmental issues;
  • Encourage our suppliers and contractors to make the same level of commitment to environmental protection.

Air quality

With cleaner energy and the adoption of green initiatives such as electric vehicles, CLP believes Hong Kong can achieve better air quality over time.

Waste Reduction

CLP has adopted a number of practices to reduce the production of waste generated by its operations.


CLP is leading initiatives to ensure ecosystems are protected.

Efficiency at facilities

CLP makes every effort to ensure its facilities are as efficient as possible and have minimum impact on the environment. 


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