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Solar Energy Assessment Service

Free assessment service to help you assess the feasibility of installing solar energy devices at your home – the amount of electricity generated, investment cost and return. Technical support will also be provided.

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Heat Pump + Solar Water Heater Energy Saving Combo

  • Solar Collectors absorb heat energy from the sun while heat pump absorbs thermal energy from the environment to heat up water
  • Provides free consultation service and installation support
  • Customers can enjoy a stable and environmentally-friendly supply of hot water with high cost effectiveness. The payback period can be as short as 5 years* and is highly energy efficient

GREENPLUS Renewable Energy Plan#

  • Provides renewable energy applications assessment which includes a comprehensive study on the feasibility of using renewable energy
  • Free technical support in the designing and installation of renewable energy device

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Connecting Renewable Energy to CLP Electricity Grid

CLP will provide technical support and assistance throughout the process.

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Call our Renewable Energy Service Hotline 2678 2626

*Based on the hot water consumption of a 6-person household

#This service is not for Residential Customers

Note14 Steps for Application

Note2Grid Connection Agreement


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