As a Residential / Non-Residential customer who has opted for an eBill Notificaiton (excluding Bulk Tariff and Large Power Tariff Customers), you can avail yourself of this free service and set your own billing cycle. While the regular meter reading date will remain unchanged, the consumption level between the last meter reading date and the bill issue date will be calculated based on your past record. The projected consumption will then be adjusted in your next bill.

It’s a uniquely helpful way of managing your account, with ease and peace of mind.

Bill Sample

In the example below, the bill issue date is the day of month you selected (say, every end of the month). As your regular meter reading date (say, 15th of each month) remains unchanged, a projected charge of HK$395.68 – calculated based on your past consumption record – is applied for the period between your latest reading date (specifically the day after; so, 16 Oct 2014) and the bill issue date (31 Oct 2014).



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