Receiving your bill via e-mail helps protect our environment by reducing paper wastage. Do your bit by asking for the CLP Green Bill – a fast, efficient and environment-friendly way of managing your account dues.

To apply for Green Bill, please:

New Features

  • Registered name and address (For better protection of your personal information, part of your registered name and address are shown in “x”)
  • Billing & Payment summary
  • Download your bill
  • Bill message
  • Consumption chart
  • Latest offers, promotions and useful energy saving tips

CLP never sends out emails requesting customers to provide their account information.


If you are a Green Bill user, you will automatically receive 50 Eco Points upon every Green Bill you receive.

If you are not yet a Green Bill user, come and join now for an additional 250 Eco Points.

Want to learn more about Eco Rewards or check your Eco Points? Click here.

* Terms and conditions apply

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