Simple and Easy to Manage

Get a better picture of your overall electricity consumption, with details of all your accounts consolidated into a single document.


Save time and effort as you settle all your dues on a single date – which you can also select to suit your needs.

Environmentally Friendly

Paper bills are not issued for individual accounts.

  • Group billing is designed for customers with five or more electricity accounts
  • All the individual accounts will be assigned the same cut-off date for billing purposes, while meter reading dates for each account will remain unchanged
  • Projected charges will be applied to the individual accounts in accordance with their respective consumption levels, based on their different meter reading dates up to the newly assigned single billing cut-off date

Application Channels

  • Users registered with a CLP Online Account, please login to opt for a Group Bill
  • Users not registered with a CLP Online Account, please click here to download the application form

Bill Sample

Charges on all your individual accounts are aggregated into a group bill, which shows:

  1. One due date for all the individual accounts
  2. Total amount for all the individual accounts
  3. All individual account information (e.g. tariff, account no, consumption, charges)


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