Committed to continual improvement and excellence, CLP provides its customers with high-quality electricity at a reliability level above 99.999% - among the best in the world. Still, due to unavoidable factors such as adverse weather, third-party-induced damage and equipment failure, power outages remain a possibility.

Tips for Handling Outage

  • If only your own electricity is off, check whether your main switch or circuit breaker has tripped or if the fuse has blown. Call a registered electrician to come fix the problem, if you require help
  • If other people in your area are also affected, call your building’s / estate’s Management Office to ascertain whether the building's / estate’s main switch has tripped or supply from the power company has been interrupted
  • If supply from the power company is off, call CLP directly or request your Management Office to call CLP's 24-hour Emergency Hotline on 2728 8333 for assistance

Safety Checklist during Power Outage

  • Do not use flames or candles for lighting
  • Turn off high-load appliances to prevent sudden circuit overloading (or “surge”) when power supply is restored
  • Make sure appliances that can heat up, or have movable parts, are switched off. Turn off heaters or other fuel-fired cookery equipment if they are in use
  • Ensure an alternative power supply is always available or a contingency arrangement is in place if there is any electrical life-supporting equipment on your premises

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Keep ready, in a conveniently accessible location, an emergency kit containing:

  • Flashlights and new batteries
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Special batteries or power cells for life-supporting or crucial communications equipment, e.g. oxygen concentrator, laptop or mobile phone
  • An electricity bill, so that you can call our 24-hour Emergency Hotline and immediately quote your account number
  • Telephone directory with emergency contacts


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