1. What is Eco Power 360?

Eco Power 360 is an enhanced online home energy assessment platform that provides an overview of your household electricity consumption in previous years and forecasts the electricity consumption of your next bill. It can help you using electricity wisely, and have the potential to cut down you bill. In addition, Eco Power 360 also:

  • Benchmarks your consumption performance with similar households
  • Allows you to review your electricity consumption throughout the year, and compares that with the same period in the previous year
  • Analyses your past year consumption
  • Provides energy saving tips to help you use less electricity

2. ​Can I keep using Eco Optimizer 2.0 service?

Eco Optimizer 2.0 will be ungraded to Eco Power 360 with a range of enhancements from April 2016 onwards. All Eco Optimizer 2.0 users will upgrade to Eco Power 360.

3. Why is CLP launching this tool?

Most people want to be more energy efficient and use electricity wisely. However a lot of customers aren't sure how they can save electricity and money. CLP launches Eco Power 360 to help you understand more about your electricity use, as well as how it compares to households similar to yours. Eco Power 360 offers practical energy saving tips, by providing this information, customers will have access to various household solutions and ultimately take action in leading a greener and more energy efficient lifestyle.

4. Who can access Eco Power 360?

If you are a CLP customer with 2 months or longer consumption record, you can access Eco Power 360 at https://www.clp.com.hk/ep360.

5. What should I do if I run into trouble accessing Eco Power 360?

If you are having trouble, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You are not logging in with a valid CLP residential customer account;
  • You are in the process of moving or have recently moved home and, thus, you have not received your first bill at the new address from CLP; and/or
  • You have not given consent to the latest CLP Privacy Policy Statement.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or 2678 0372.

6. About features in the portal: What is "Consumption Projection"?

"Consumption Projection" bases on your consumption history to forecast your next bill. The information also allows you to understand your recent electricity usage by displaying your consumption history on a bill-by-bill basis. Based on the comparison between your electricity bill with that of the previous year's, you can learn how your electricity consumption may have been affected by weather, number of billing days, and other factors.

7. What is Eco Rewards?

"Eco Rewards" is an online redemption platform under "Eco Power 360". It aims to promote energy saving and green living in households, and encourage customers to lower their electricity usage. Customers can gain the Eco Points through various green activities, and use these points to redeem a variety of prizes in the "Eco Rewards" scheme.

8. Who is eligible in the Eco Rewards scheme?

If you are a CLP customer with at least two months consumption record and have accepted the Terms and Conditions of Eco Rewards, you will be eligible for the scheme.

For more details about the Terms and Conditions, please click here.

9. How to redeem the rewards?

Before redemption, you have to earn enough Eco Points by participating different green activities. For the list of activities and the corresponding points, please check with the point table here.

After that, you can check the prize list under the “Eco Rewards” page. You may browse for rewards by selecting a category, to show all rewards under the chosen category. If you have enough Eco Points, you may select the rewards, indicate the quantity and add them to your cart. Finally, you can confirm your order upon check out.

The rewards will be directly sent to your mailing address. Please allow approximately two weeks for the delivery. The prizes are not refundable, and cannot be exchanged for cash or other rewards.

10. How can I check my Eco Points?

The amount of Eco Points you have will be stated at the top of the “Eco Rewards” page. Besides, you can check the detailed record at the “Eco Points History” under the “My Account” page. It will show all points gaining record and redemption record of the last six months.

11. Why can’t I redeem the rewards?

You may not have enough points for redeeming the reward. In this case, you can earn more Eco Points by achieving various green activities and redeem the prize later. You may refer to the point listing table here for what you can do and how many points you can get.

Another possible reason is that, the reward is out of stock. In this case, we would replenish the reward as soon as possible. Please redeem the prize later or choose another reward.

12. Will the points be expired?

Yes. All Eco Points will be valid for two years, starting from the date which the first Eco Point is received. All Eco Points should be used before the expiry date; otherwise they will be considered forfeit without further notification. After the expiry date, the new Eco Points earned will be given a new validity period.

13.When will I receive the points gained from benchmarking?

The benchmarking tool can compare your electricity consumption with similar households and assign your home to respective grade. Therefore, the benchmarking bonus would be given two weeks after the electricity bill is issued.


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