1. Is electrical clothes dryer very expensive to operate?

Electric clothes dryer is very economical and affordable to use. In general, it costs about HK$0.6 per kg to dry.*

* Values were calculated by averaging 16 sample data with loads of 100% cotton garments.

2. Do electrical clothes dryers take longer to dry clothes?

Electric clothes dryers do not take longer to dry. However, the drying performance may depend on the drum size and the water density in the fabric.

3. Do clothes dryers damage fabric, making clothes shrink, creating more wrinkles and reducing softness?

Problems are usually due to improper handling. We recommend customers to follow the fabric care instructions properly.

4. Are there any tips to keep my 2-in-1 electric clothes washer and dryer in good condition?

The plastic seal around the door of the clothes dryer may age faster due to moisture and temperature changes during washing and drying cycles. To keep your 2-in-1 electric clothes washer and dryer in good condition, wipe the plastic seal before drying.


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