Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

A. CLP’s Public Charging Station

1. When the charging socket in a vacant parking space is locked and cannot be connected to the charging plug of an electric vehicle, what should I do?

If the words “in use” are shown on the screen, the charger could already be activated, please use another charging point nearby. You can take a photo of the screen, email it to [email protected], and call our hotline 2678 2622.

2. When the screen of the charger shows that the charging process has been suspended while “in use” is shown on the charging kiosk, should I stop the charging process for the vehicle owner?

No. The charging time pre-paid by the vehicle owner may be longer than the time required, so the charging connector will remain connected with the vehicle until the pre-set time is up. Please use another charging station nearby. Currently, we are continuing to improve the charging system in order to enhance service quality.

3. Is it true that a quick charger can serve only one vehicle at a time?

A quick charger can serve two vehicles at a time. The device features three power supply connectors. The European IEC quick charging connector runs on AC, while the Japanese-developed CHAdeMO and Euro-standard CCS connectors run on DC. So, a quick charger can supply power to one AC connector and one DC connector at the same time.

4. The charging process is interrupted for unknown reasons, but the connector is locked and cannot be disconnected from the car. What should I do?

Please try to unlock the connector from the vehicle. If efforts to unlock it fail, please take a photo showing the charging location, email it to [email protected], and call our hotline 2678 2622. We will then arrange CLP staff to provide onsite assistance.

5. After I connect the CHAdeMo connector from quick charger to my vehicle, the charging process cannot be successfully activated, what should I do?

This may be due to a connector breakdown resulting from the use of CHAdeMo adaptor by previous car owner. Please use another charging point nearby while waiting for CLP staff to come and handle the problem.

B. EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (EHSS)

6. What is “EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme” (“EHSS”)?

The Government rolled out "EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme" ("EHSS") to subsidise the installation of electric vehicles (EV) charging-enabling infrastructure in car parks of existing private residential buildings, and hence facilitate EV owners to install EV chargers at car parks of their residences according to their own needs in the future in a simple and easy manner. For requirements and application procedures of the scheme, please refer to Environmental Protection Department’s website:

7. Prior to application for Government’s EHSS, is it necessary for eligible applicants / Incorporated Owners / Estate Management Office to obtain written advices from CLP for carpark’s power supply capacity? If yes, what is the application procedure for the written advices?

CLP will provide customers a free preliminary assessment of power supply capacity to support their applications for the Government’s EHSS. Please visit CLP’s website and submit the Supply Capacity Preliminary Assessment Request Form with schematic diagram(s) of the existing power supply arrangement for parking spaces, building layout plan with parking spaces and the locations of existing meter room(s) via email on [email protected]. CLP will review the provided information, and the written assessment results will be notified in about two weeks. If necessary, CLP engineering staff will contact the applicant for on-site inspection. For details, please visit CLP website.

8. After assessment, what should I do if the existing power supply capacity of my housing estate is not enough to meet the power demand of EV-charging facilities? How will CLP help us?

If the power supply capacity of the residential building is not enough to meet the power demand of the EV charging facilities, the customers can apply for increasing power supply capacity. CLP will provide technical advices regarding the power upgrading work for meeting relevant power supply requirements.

9. Will CLP install EV-charging facilities for us?

CLP provides customers with stable and reliable power supply, however, electrical installation services at customer side is out of CLP’s services scope.

EV charging facilities belong to customers’ fixed electrical installations and must comply with the Electricity Ordinance and its subsidiary regulations. The electrical works of EV charging facilities which include design, installation, calibration, inspection, testing, maintenance, modification and repair, must be carried out by registered electrical contractors and registered electrical workers of the appropriate grade. For information of registered electrical contractors, please visit the website of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)

C. General EV Enquiries

10. What are the benefits of driving EV?

EVs have zero carbon and air pollutant emission while travelling. They are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than other conventional fuel-engined vehicles. Hong Kong is a dense city with short point-to-point distance, making it suitable for EV driving.

11. How can I charge my EV in my parking space?

EV owners can first discuss with the building’s owner / estate management office / owners’ corporation to investigate the feasibility of installing charging facility. After obtaining approval from building’s owner / owner’s corporation, registered electrical contractor can be appointed to carry out the relevant installation and apply for CLP’s power supply. If you need advices on installation of EV charging facilities, please contact us through our EV Enquiry Hotline 2678 2622 or email [email protected].

If the private residential building lacks EV charging-enabling infrastructure, the building owner / estate management office / owner’s corporation may consider applying for the Government's "EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme".

12. How to apply for power supply for EV charging facilities?

If an EV owner wants to apply for power supply for his / her EV charging facility, the applicant needs to submit the power supply application form with the following information:

1) Electricity account information

2) Power demand

3) Confirmation of Agreement from Owners of Rising Mains for Connection of Electrical Installation with an Increased Current Demand (that is, the consent from the owners' corporation or property management company)

After your EV charging facilities are installed, please call the hotline 2678 7280 to make an appointment for inspection. If the inspection results are satisfied, the charging facilities will be energised.


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