1. Where can I get practical energy saving tips?

You can find a range of practical energy saving tips here 

2. What is Energy Management?

Energy management is a structured approach to manage energy uses. To understand more about it, please click here.

3. Can I apply for power supply from Renewable Energy (RE) sources?

CLP supports the use of RE sources. However, the development of RE in Hong Kong is limited by the high cost and the requirement of land/space which is a scarce resource. We are currently studying the feasibility of building a 200MW off-shore wind farm east of Sai Kung in mid 2010's. Other measures we employ to minimize the impact of power generation on climate change include the increased use of zero or low CO2 energy such as nuclear and natural gas. To ensure supply reliability and avoid cross-subsidy among customers, CLP will not, under normal circumstances, install dedicated RE systems to supply its customers. If you would like to use RE as your power source, you may install a RE system to supply your own premises. You may also apply to connect your RE system to CLP's distribution network to enjoy the stabilizing effect and back-up function of the power grid. Details of grid connection application can be found in CLP's brochure titled Renewable Energy Systems and CLP's Electricity Grid.


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