1. What is Green Bill?

"Green Bill" is one of our special, value-added webservices. You will receive an email notification that your Green Bill is ready. You will receive your Green Bill by email or by visiting CLP Online Account Service to view billing details. It will then be sent to you electronically by email, instead of by hard copy in the post.

2. What is the official email address of CLP e-bill?

The official email address of CLP e-bill is [email protected] or [email protected]. Please be informed that we will not send out emails requesting customers to provide account information.

3. What is the difference between an Green Bill and a hard copy bill?

No difference in terms of bill content. They should both be treated as an official bill, but the electronic version is quicker and more efficient.

4. Who is eligible to receive Green Bill?

If you are a registered customer of CLP, you can apply for Green Bill.

5. How can I apply for Green Bill?

If you are a Residential Customer and your account is registered in name of an individual, please register now. For other customers who would like to register, please go to our Forms Centre to download the application form, complete and return it to CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Customer Care Team, 13/F., 6 On Lai Street, Sha Tin, N.T..

6. What are the benefits of Green Bill?

If you are a registered "Green Bill" member, you will receive Green Bill by email. With Green Bill, paying your bills and managing your finances is easier than ever - and you can rest assured your bills will not be lost in the mail.

7. Why can't I view/download my Green Bill online?

To download Green Bill in CLP Online Account Service, your system needs Acrobat Reader 4.0 installed. Please download the latest Acrobat Reader version now.

8. Why can't I receive Green Bill?

Green Bill may be treated as spam or junk mail, please check the Trash or Junk Mail folder in your email box. We recommend setting CLP's email address [email protected] as acceptable email address in the anti-spam filter in your email clients or servers.


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