1. Who will be affected?

To reduce the likelihood of spreading the novel corona virus, we have temporarily suspended our manual meter reading service for both our residential and business customers since 12 Feb 2020, except those with remote reading (including smart meter customers) will not be affected. We will gradually resume our routine meter reading services from 9 March 2020 and bill adjustment will be made to the affected customers upon successful meter reading. Prior to the full resumption of meter reading services, some of our customers may still receive bill charges based on estimated readings.

2. How can I know if my bill is an estimated bill?

On the bar chart showing average daily consumption, the month with an indicator "E" will be an estimated bill.

3. How will the bill be estimated?

For residential customers, the bill will be estimated by the usage of same month last year. For business customers, the bill will be estimated by the usage of previous month.

4. ​Will the subsidies & rebates be affected?

Government Subsidies & Relief for Residential Customers, CLP SME Subsidy, Rent & Rate Special Rate will be granted as usual for eligible customers. However, energy saving rebate will not be granted based on estimated meter readings. Bill adjustment (including energy saving rebate) will be made after actual meter reading is obtained.

5. Can I report my meter reading?

Under safe circumstances and provided if you can access your meter (e.g. customers living in village house), you can provide self meter reading by our eForm via CLP website.


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