1. What is the difference between air-conditioners and reverse cycle air-conditioners (RCAC)?

Air-conditioners can only cool air, where RCACs can either cool and warm air depending on your need.

2. How many types of RCACs are available in the market?

Three types: window, split and window split types. Nowadays, most of them in the market are window and split types.

3. Will dust from outside be brought inside when I use the air warming function?

RCAC reverses the cooling process to let warm air flow indoor. The whole process will not brought dust from outside, so that it makes your house clean and clear.

4. How much cost can RCACs save than electric heaters?

For a room of approximately 65 sq. ft, RCAC can save up to 70% of the electricity cost on average during emission of warm air.

5. Are RCACs less durable?

In general, RCACs are just as reliable and durable as air-conditioners under normal operating condition.

6. How much faster does an RCAC warm up a room than an electric heater?

In a room of about 65 sq. ft., a split type RCAC is about 4 times faster than an oil radiator in raising the room temperature by 12°C. This is because RCAC can distribute warm air efficiently.

7. Do RCACs carry energy efficiency labels?

Several RCAC models have already carried energy efficiency labels.

8. Does CLP sell RCACs?

There are many RCAC models available in the market and many electrical appliances stores sell them. CLP does not produce, distribute or sell RCACs. We are here just to promote the benefits of RCACs.


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