1. What is the capacity of a Ceiling / Wall mounted dehumidifier? What kind of drain pipe does it need?

It can remove approximately 22 litres of moisture from air a day. The Ceiling / Wall mounted dehumidifier is equipped with drainage piping, leading condensed water to the nearest drain outlet; this facilitates continuous operations and eliminates the need for the manual disposal of condensed water.

2. What functions does a Ceiling / Wall mounted dehumidifier offer?

Some models of the Ceiling / Wall mounted dehumidifier offer 4 operation modes: dehumidifying, space warming, clothes drying and ventilating, and also equipped with clothes drying temperature protection (operating between 5-35°C) and dehumidifying temperature protection (operating between 1-40°C).

3. Where is the most appropriate position for installing a Ceiling / Wall mounted dehumidifier? How large a room can they serve?

Ceiling / Wall mounted dehumidifier should be installed in a bathroom. It operates well in a room size of about 6 sq. m. (about 60 sq. ft.).

4. How long does it take to dry clothes? And how much electricity does it consume?

A Ceiling / Wall mounted dehumidifier can dry 2-3kg of clothes in about 3 hours. If the room temperature is about 25°C, electricity consumption is about 1 unit of electricity (~HK$1), making it an economical and energy efficient choice.

5. Does CLP sell Ceiling /Wall mounted dehumidifiers?

CLP Power does not produce, distribute and sell Ceiling / Wall mounted dehumidifiers. You can contact suppliers directly or buy one through your renovation company.


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