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Apply now to earn 500 Eco Points towards smart gadgets and home appliances*

*Only applicable to online applications for Electricity and Name Transfer service only. Eco Points will be credited to accounts within 1 month of the successful application.

Earn Eco Points and Rewards

Earn Eco Points

Earn Eco Points when you register for e-Services, including:

  • Electricity and Name Transfer – 500 points
  • eBill Notification – 500 points

Click here to find out other ways of earning Eco Points.

Claim Rewards

You can use your Eco Points to claim energy-efficient home appliances, smart gadgets and food vouchers through our one-stop online shopping and rewards platform – Smart Shopping.

Terms & Conditions

Supply Rules

Applying for or by obtaining electricity from CLP, a customer agrees to be bound and to abide by CLP’s Supply Rules. These rules and other terms and conditions may be revised from time to time.

Above all, a customer should not resell electricity obtained from CLP to any third party. If CLP is given cause to suspect such misdemeanour, electricity supply to the customer may be terminated.

Customer Personal Information Collection Statement


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