Effective for Consumption on and after 1st January, 2021

1. The Non-Residential Tariff applies where the consumption is not solely for residential purpose.

2. This Tariff is based on monthly meter-readings.

3. This Tariff will be the aggregate of the following items:

(a) Energy Charge

The energy charge is 103.1 cents per unit.

(b) Fuel Cost Adjustment

The fuel cost adjustment is 28.1 cents per unit based on forecasted fuel prices in the latest Tariff Review.

The fuel cost adjustment will be revised automatically on a monthly basis to take into account the difference between actual prices of fuels used and the forecasted fuel prices, and will be posted on a monthly basis on the company website.

(c) Energy Saving Rebate

The rebate is only applicable to a bill with total monthly consumption of 400 units or less. The rebate will be calculated at the following rate:

Total Monthly Consumption Range

Rebate Rate (Cents/Unit)

1-200 units

17.2 cents per unit on total consumption

201-300 units

16.2 cents per unit on total consumption

301-400 units

15.2 cents per unit on total consumption

4. Minimum charge per bill: $40

5. This Tariff, the Supply Rules and other conditions are subject to revision from time to time.

6. Payment of any bill received later than the due date will be subject to a late payment charge of 5% of the original amount due.

7. Customers' energy charge and energy saving rebate shall be adjusted in the following circumstance on a pro-rata basis.

If the period between two successive meter-readings is outside the 25-35 days range, an adjustment to the block size under paragraph 3 (a) and 3 (c) of the respective applicable energy charge tariff rate and energy saving rebate tariff rate will be made, as follows:

Applicable block units = Normal block units x N / 30

N = Number of days between two successive meter-readings

Note: In this rate table,

-"Unit" shall mean one kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity

-"Monthly" shall mean the period of approximately one month between a meter-reading (including estimations) and the next one.


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