CLP GREENPLUS e-Newsletter
2015 Issue 2

Energy Forecast Facilitates Greener Clubhouse Environment

Park Island is the first large-scale residential property including 31 residential buildings and 4 clubhouses which designed with eco-friendly and pollution-free concept. Kai Shing Management Services Limited is providing eco-friendly facilities to residents in Park Island. Last year, CLP’s Meter Online service was introduced to those clubhouses following by a series of energy conservation measures. The energy saving performance is remarkable.


School Programme

Aiming to encourage young people to develop lifelong energy saving behaviour, CLP has launched “Energy Saving's Got Talent 2015”. Through creative format to promote the importance of energy saving, the winning students will receive 5-days work experience placement with CLP Power. Please join us now!

Please visit the Programme Website for details


Centralised Food Processing Workshop Implementing Green Measures

YLK Group understands the importance of working environment to the staff. After the implementation of all-electric workshop, the automation function of electric cooking equipment can standardise the operation procedures and enhance the staff’s working efficiency in order to practise ISO management.


“Power Your Love” Campaign: Save Energy, Light Up Lives

CLP has launched a world-first community initiative called Power Your Love that redirects saved energy to households in need. The programme aims at saving energy which is good for the environment and the community. Through such innovative initiative, CLP is committed to sustain energy conservation.


GREENPLUS Award Sharing Workshops: Practise Energy Saving Initiatives for a Greener City

Since the launch of GREENPLUS Award programme, it has been well received by different trades and industries. Themed “Let’s All Become Energy Saving Inspectors” which is about the innovative combination of energy conservation and behavioural change. Three sharing workshops were organised in March, the speakers from different sectors demonstrated their best practices in energy saving.

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