CLP GREENPLUS Recognition Award Sharing Workshops

Increase Your Energy Efficiency to Enhance Competitiveness

CLP has been always striving to promote energy saving in order to make Hong Kong greener. Following the GREENPLUS Recognition Award last year, sharing workshops have been organised as a platform on which the speakers from different sectors can share their best practices in energy saving. Meanwhile, various energy conservation tools were also introduced to the participants so that they can reduce energy consumption, save cost and then increase competitive advantage. The workshops also prepare them for the GREENPLUS Recognition Award 2014.


Three workshops were organised in February and March this year which included the categories of "Estate Management Office", "Non-Government Organisation & School" and "Restaurant & Retail". Winners of the 2013 Award and the representatives from green groups like World Green Organisation (WGO), WWF-Hong Kong and Friends of the Earth (FoE) were invited as speakers to share their energy saving projects and recommendations during the sessions. Green Power even held a panel discussion together with the winners of Non-Government Organisation & School sector to discuss on the topic of energy conservation.


CLP also took the opportunity to introduce new energy saving tools to the participants, such as the latest version of Meter Online and Energy Billboard, the GREENPLUS School Program and details about the GREENPLUS Recognition Award 2014.

Speakers at the GREENPLUS Recognition Award Sharing Workshops are as follows:

(In Alphabetical Order)

Estate Management Office

Kai Shing Management Services Limited - International Commerce Centre

Kai Shing Management Services Limited - YOHO Midtown

Sino Estates Management Limited - tmtplaza

Non-Government Organisation & School

PLK Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp

W F Joseph Lee Primary School

Restaurant & Retail

Dragon King Restaurant Group

Pizza Hut Hong Kong Management Limited

The Dairy Farm Company Limited - 7-Eleven

The Dairy Farm Company Limited - Wellcome


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