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Briefing Session for Enhanced Meter Online Service

To optimise the energy management of our business partners, CLP has been closely catering the needs of various industries in achieving energy conservation and cost saving initiatives. In the first quarter of 2014, we introduced the enhanced Meter Online service in CLP GREENPLUS Recognition Award Sharing Workshops. It contains a '7-Day Energy Forecast' indicating energy consumption forecast based on the latest weather information provided by Hong Kong Observatory. The feature helps customers improve the overall energy efficiency of their commercial buildings.


Enhanced Meter Online service was well received by those participants in the workshops, CLP account managers initiate the follow up with the client queries, such as the MTR Corporation, Goodwell Property Management Limited, Goodwill Management Limited and ARA Asset Management (Fortune) Limited etc. CLP arranged a dedicated team to conduct the briefing sessions on the features and hands-on operations. CLP also offered the consultation according to different companies' operation model and evaluation. It aimed to encourage them to adjust their energy consumption habits and thus contribute to environmental protection.


Summer is the peak season for electricity consumption among businesses, and it is never too late to plan ahead for effective energy forecasts and management. To know more about how CLP can help with your business' energy management, please contact your CLP Account Managers directly or email [email protected] for details.


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