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CLP Launched New GREENPLUSExperience Centre

CLP Power relaunched its GREENPLUS Experience Centre in Sham Shui Po upon completion of renovation. It promotes energy efficiency to Small and Medium Enterprises and helps them save energy cost.

The centre has been transformed into a one-stop hub showcasing mock-ups of offices, retail shops including a fashion boutique, a convenience store, a lighting shop and a catering outlet which make up over 60 per cent of CLP's business customers.


Labour shortages and high operating costs have been common challenges faced by catering industry in recent years. The centre features a broad range of affordable energy saving tools and solutions in catering segment, such as automatic cooking equipment like automatic rice fry machine and precise temperature cooking machine which effectively help cut energy costs while streamlining cooking operations.


Two parallel mock-up offices at the centre, namely the Eco Office and the Ordinary Office, allow visitors from the SMEs to experience how small businesses can save energy with the use of energy-efficient products and solutions. Such as using LED lighting and automatic controlled UV Screen, as well as pre-setting the air conditioning to optimal temperature around 24-26°C and supplementary use of fan to maintain the comfortable environment.

The centre also showcases a fashion boutique, a convenience store and a lighting shop and features the latest energy efficiency technologies and products for customers to achieve energy savings in business operations.


In addition, the centre leverages interactive features such as football goal shooting simulator to learn about energy saving products, CLP self-designed Horse Riding Power Generator and two types of newly developed solar panels which allow visitors to experience how electricity is being generated, as well as serving as an educational tool for SMEs on the importance to conserve energy.

Any business customer who wants to visit the CLP GREENPLUS Experience Centre may contact us at our hotline (852) 2678 2660 or email [email protected] for booking. You can click here for the overview of centre.


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