Energy Conservation Activities for Employees 'Have Fun'

The Hospital Authority (HA) has been actively supporting eco-friendly policies. Besides the innovative environmental initiatives being introduced to public hospitals, HA has been working towards energy conservation and carbon reduction in areas of lighting, air-conditioning and heating systems.


Meanwhile, the Hospital Authority has also been encouraging its employees to pursue a healthy and energy-efficient lifestyle. In mid-2014, HA jointly organised the 'Energy Saving Promotion 2014' with CLP, which was the activities for the 67,000 employees of the Head Office as well as its seven main public hospital networks. On July 23, Ms Quince Chong (Chief Corporate Development Officer, CLP) and Prof John Leung (Chairman, Hospital Authority) officiated the opening ceremony at the HA Head Office


A series of activities were launched with simplifying three steps to energy conservation. The employees were first encouraged to participate in the 'Eco Optimizer' scheme to self-assess their household consumption of electricity, while they were invited later on to experience the Step Power Generator to gain a better understanding of energy conservation and its benefits. Furthermore, sharing sessions on household energy saving tips and games were arranged. All these aimed to spread the messages of energy saving and eco-friendliness to both the HA staff and their families in a fun way. With such innovative ideas, HA was honoured with 'Innovative Energy Saving Promotion Award' of CLP GREENPLUS Recognition Award in this year. It has made a successful attempt in conveying the key message on multiple platforms.


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