CLP Power and the Hong Kong Observatory Work Together to Save Energy

Mr. Shun Chi-ming, Director of the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), was invited to speak at the panel discussion of the Green Building Symposium 2014 held on 9 October 2014 with the tagline of 'Sustainability: Technology Driving Behavioural Change'. During the panel discussion, Mr Shun highlighted that the rapid increase of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emission is the main driver of the climate change in the last century and that the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere has recently reached 400 ppm (parts per million), the highest in the past 800,000 years. He expressed his concern that, under a high greenhouse gas emission scenario, the mean temperature of Hong Kong is expected to rise by about 3 - 6 deg. C in the late 21st century when compared to the present. Mr Shun stressed the importance of partnership and stakeholder engagement in promoting public awareness on combating climate change and energy saving.


In the last two years, the CLP Power and the Hong Kong Observatory join hands to enhance the 'Meter Online Service' of the CLP Power to include the '7-day Energy Forecast' which utilizes the 7-day weather forecast provided by the Observatory. This feature provides customers with early alerts of high electricity consumption situations so that they can plan ahead energy saving measures to save more energy and costs. Initial results indicate that 5% more Meter Online Service users are able to achieve energy savings after introduction of the new '7-day Energy Forecast' feature.


Mr. Shun: "I am delighted that the Hong Kong Observatory collaborates with CLP Power to bring weather data closer to citizen’s daily lives, helping them to use electricity wisely and save energy. This new initiative brings out an important message: technology and partnership can successfully drive behavioural changes, turning awareness into actions to combat climate change.”

CLP Power will continue to work with the Hong Kong Observatory to enhance the '7-day Energy Forecast' feature to make it more accurate and a better tool for energy management.


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