Bringing Solar Energy from All-round Assessment

To cater the growing demand for renewable energy solutions, CLP steps in to help by offering all-around solar assessment services – the on-site inspections to study the feasibility of implementing photovoltaic (PV) systems.

During the inspection, CLP professional engineer applies a hand-held device called the SunEye 210 to check for potential solar shading factors. On-site photos are taken by built-in software in the SunEye 210 that displays a well-defined sun-path according to the latitude and longitude of Hong Kong’s region. It also shows the monthly solar energy efficiency at each specific location.

Based on the data collected from solar assessment, CLP can project the estimations of the solar energy generation. Once the solar assessment resulted in positive, CLP will provide advice on customised renewable energy solutions including guidance on its solar on-grid system configuration.

Customers tend to have large open areas accessing the direct sunlight, solar panels can be installed. Some customers such as SAHK, Munsang College, Hydroponic Farm, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village…etc, applied the solar assessment service and take the initiatives to explore the possibilities for the installation of PV systems.

Now, such friendly solar assessment and renewable energy solution are available for corporate and institutional applications from different industries. If you are interested in exploring more opportunities for solar energy and how CLP can help with your energy management, please contact your CLP Account Manager.


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