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Dear Customers,

Before entering into a new year, it is the best timing to recap the harvest of year 2015.

I am delighted to share the fruitful result of our sustainable efforts in this year which uplifts energy saving awareness and practises across all sectors in Hong Kong.

In September, the fourth CLP GREENPLUS Award Ceremony was held and received overwhelming responses. CLP has honoured 64 organisations from more than 5,000 applications with excellent performance of energy saving. This award ceremony provides a good platform for sharing and learning on the best practices in the industry. The organisations like yours can seek for professional advices on energy saving equipment and solutions in order to improve energy efficiency and create green brand for your company. Behavioural change is one of the key elements of energy saving to achieve sustainable development. The theme of this year was ‘Let’s All Become Energy Saving Inspectors’ with the purpose to inspire staff of various organisations to actively participate in energy conservation. Besides, a new award category of Energy Saving Inspector was introduced to recognise the outstanding employees for their enthusiasm in initiating energy saving solutions. Provide your supports to this best-recognised annual ceremony and give a step further by getting involved in next year.

In Hong Kong, buildings consumed almost 90 per cent of total electricity consumption. In November, CLP has actively organised the third Green Building Symposium for more than 330 commercial customers. It offered a platform for green corporations to share their successful energy saving experience and solutions. We will keep organising this symposium next year, count on your participation and sharing with good practices.

During the sharing session, CLP also introduced the Energy Modelling service, Meter Online 3.0 service and enhanced Air Flow Optimisation. More advanced features have been added to Meter Online 3.0, including the extension of 9-Day regional consumption forecast from 7-Day and the precise forecast on the occurring time of peak demand. With such tool, the customers can fine tune their equipment ahead of time so as to improve energy efficiency with better energy management. Some customers also can successfully achieve more than 5% energy saving without any additional investment.

CLP proactively supports SME customers by providing professional advices for energy conservation. In 2015, there were several special sales promotions for energy saving products and appliances at GREENPLUS Experience Centre. The promotions aimed to satisfy SME customers’ needs with suitable energy-efficient products at very competitive prices which can help reduce their operation costs. More promotions will be launched in next year, please stay tuned for more details!

Besides supporting business customers, CLP also focuses on green education to the youth. In April, CLP held the School and Home Energy Saving Scheme prize presentation and launched Energy Saving’s Got Talent Contest. The scheme, involving 28 secondary and primary schools, successfully achieved a remarkable saving of more than 800,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity – equivalent to the annual energy consumption of around 200 households.

Subsequently, Energy Saving's Got Talent Contest, co-organised by CLP and the Education Bureau under the Business-School Partnership Programme, was held in November to further boost up the momentum of green education. This contest allowed secondary school students to demonstrate their creativity and deliver energy-saving promotional messages through various formats such as microfilm, creative performances, singing and dancing. CLP also provided mentoring supports and energy efficiency advices to the students whilst professionals like singing and dance teachers gave the students guidance on how to stage their performances.

Looking ahead, we will continue our efforts to promote and practise energy saving awareness as well as cultivate a collaborative green culture in Hong Kong.

I would like to express my deep gratitude for your continuous support and look forward to your active participation in upcoming programmes. Last but not least, I wish you Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year.

Chow Lap Man

Senior Director, Marketing and Customer Services

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited


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