Digital Technology – A New Trend for the Future

Dear Customers,

To keep pace with rapid technological development, CLP is leveraging its innovation to launch digital solutions and services with the aim of creating a smart city for our future.

Facing the challenge of global warming, environmental protection becomes our major concern. CLP is committed to promoting environmental protection with positive benefits for our business customers. This year, we successfully completed our ‘GREENPLUS Award’ programme. Forty-seven winning businesses and organisations were chosen from a record-breaking field of more than 6,000 applications. These companies are the role models for their industries and encourage more businesses to adopt green practices.

All business sectors in the community can take responsibility for environmental protection. Therefore, we have also introduced a new programme ‘6 Energy-Saving Rewards’ for SMEs with incentives, such as banking offers and electrical appliances offers. In this way, we encourage SMEs to take part in energy conservation for a greener city.

To inspire the general public in environmental conservation, CLP launched a brand new online assessment tool ‘Eco Power 360’ which helps residential customers manage their home energy consumption. They can also join ‘Eco Rewards’ to gain Eco Points by participating in green activities. The Eco points can be used to redeem a wide range of prizes. In this way, we motivate the residential customers to manage their daily energy usage and practise energy saving.

We have also injected new technology into our ‘Solar Energy Assessment Service’. This service aims to study the feasibility of solar panel installation. Since the launch of the service, we have received numerous responses from customers who are interested to join. This positive feedback promotes the use of renewable energy in Hong Kong.

Let me express my deep gratitude for your continued support! In the coming year, CLP will keep pace with the times, constantly enhancing our customer experience with new ideas and innovations.

Eric Cheung

Senior Director - Marketing and Customer Services

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited


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